Hi, My name is Lisa!

I am a wedding photographer for hire! My career as a wedding photographer started in 2010 when I married Carlos Melendez. Carlos had already been a wedding and portrait photographer for several years prior. Before our marriage, I was working at a wedding venue where I fell in love with all things weddings! So, naturally once we got married, I began learning from my husband and soon started second shooting with him on wedding days! As I got more experience, I started photographing weddings without my husband and that’s where I am today. We still love working together, but I also enjoy photographing weddings with other photographers as well.

Favorite Things:

Great Coffee

Pool Season



Pen and Book Collector

Interesting Facts:

Laughter Enthusiast

In Love with my Family and Puppy

Roadtrip Singing Queen

Fashion Critic Not Follower

Hammock Owner

About Lisa Cliffnotes:

I have a bachelor’s degree from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences from the University of North Carolina Charlotte.

My Prior work experience includes being a Production Assistant for Speed TV a former motor sports network.

I am the co-owner of a start up apparel company called Dezi Life, that focuses on unique graphic designed tee shirts for photographers and soon to be other artists and mediums.

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Melendezphoto, Charlotte NC Wedding, Portrait and Commercial photography
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Service I provide to my lead photographers/studios

On the wedding day, I will show up at the call time of the event. I always photograph in RAW with a dual slot camera. The lead photographer can either provide SD cards to me or I can provide my own. At the end of the event, the SD cards will be given to the lead photographer. If the SD cards belong to me, I will provide a self address, stamped card and envelope to the lead photographer. I have found this is a very easy and convenient way for the lead photographer to return SD cards back to me. No need for them to take the time to get the materials needed to mail cards back to me. They can just simply upload the cards to their hard drives and drop the SD cards in the envelope and to the mailbox.

I also photograph using a dual card slot. This way there will be a backup for the lead photographer if there are any issues with the SD cards, theirs or mine. I have been thankful a couple times already where this has been a lifesaver.

While working with me I am at your service. Some leads like to photograph the couple images and the family portraits by themselves while I cover candids at cocktail hour. Others like for me to be with them to call out names and help organize the family portraits or to have different camera angles when photographing the bridal parties and couples. Either way, I will work with you to make your day easier.

I am very comfortable working with the groom and groomsmen. I actually really love it. The guys are fun to work with. I enjoy getting the detail shots, and I’m comfortable working together or independent of the lead photographer.

Overall, I represent you and your studio brand with the upmost customer service to your clients.

Equipment List

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L III USM

Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM

Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM

Godox R2 Speedlights and Remote

MagMod modifiers

View a Sample Gallery

This link will take you to an example of straight out of camera image gallery of what my clients, the lead photographer or studio, will receive from me following a photographed wedding. I always photograph in RAW with a full frame camera. This gallery is a protected gallery. Please put in your name and email address. By providing your email, you are agreeing that the images in this gallery will not be included but not limited to screen shooted, copy and/or shared in any way via social media or otherwise. These are unedited images that are not deliverable to the wedding clients and are to be used for the sole purpose of providing sample work to potential future lead photographer and studio clients.

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