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This is where I’m supposed to tell you about how cool I am.

But to be honest with you I’m kind of a nerd. I was never one of the “cool kids” growing up, so I don’t even try acting like I'm one of those today. I love math and numbers, video games, cars and gadgets. I love to go out and have fun when I can, but you’ll usually find me at home with my family a lot more. I love being a girl dad. I like a good beer, my favorite sport is hockey. I’m almost always listening to music. I love watching movies, and a solid TV series. Photography is just what I love to do. I’ve been doing it since I was a kid, way back when you would run out of film and flash bulbs. Out of all the things I “grew out of” this is the one thing in my life that has always “grown with me”. It’s part of who I am, It’s how I see the world. I’ve always had that need to be creative, and this is best way I know how. It became something I refuse to live without everyday, part of my life is dedicated in one way shape or form to being a better photographer than I was the day before.

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Love is everything

I was born in Charlotte and grew up in the surrounding town of Mt. Holly, so I am native to this area. I am married to my best friend and have two wonderful daughters, a 14 yr old and a 1 yr old. I never thought I would have kids 13 years apart, but it works for us. My kids adore each other and we adore them. I love the one or two days of snow Charlotte gets a year, but other than that, give me flip flops and warm weather. I probably should have been born in a state with palm trees. Spring and summer are my favorite seasons! I’m learning to enjoy fall, but winter is still last on my list. I do know that I have my dork moments. I don’t think I’m as much of a dork as my husband (heehee), but I’m not too far behind. I love all things funny. Comedies are my favorite viewing pleasure. I watch way too many youtube and Facebook videos. Give me a video with laughing babies, silly animal tricks or a dancing granny and I am entertained. Comedies lead to laughing and fun, and laughter is my favorite emotion. I also love playing board games with my family and friends. Some of my best memories are nights staying up laughing and playing fun games like Apples to Apples and Cranium. Being a girl though, I do love beautiful things. Seeing beauty through a lens and being able to capture it forever is magic to me. Wedding days are beautiful days all around. There’s pretty dresses, flowers and decor with smiling and happy people. Even the smallest and simplest of weddings have a wide variety of beauty, smiles and fun!

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About our Weddings

We’d love to serve by documenting your story on such an important day. We offer a range of pre-built collections to fit most budgets that range from $1800 to $3600. All of our collections offer a complimentary engagement session so we can all get to know each other. The focus of our wedding studio is our gorgeous custom made albums and wall art. We design and create unique albums for each of our new families. We’d love to sit down and show you.

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About our Headshots

Our Professional photographers will work with you to put your best image forward. We understand you’re busy so we can work within your schedule to book an appointment that best fits your needs. Including traveling to your office. Our years of experience will help make sure you’re comfortable in front of the camera and ready to project an image of confidence to your audience.

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About our Portraits

Let's go beyond your typical portrait. Create something bold and inspiring like you are.

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About our Products

We provide professional, stylish product photography to attract future clients to your shop. You put so much into your work, so displaying it in the best way possible will make it more appealing to customers.

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